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Please help save the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse, Humboldt County's beloved historical landmark. The Memorial Lighthouse is one of the most visited attractions on the North Coast, located above the harbor in Trinidad.  Tourists and locals alike enjoy the exquisite views of the coast, with the lighthouse offering a picturesque highlight.  It is truly a treasure.  

Unfortunately, this unique monument is threatened by bluff instability and is at risk of sliding downslope.  Although the memorial grounds as of this writing are largely intact, the bluff is eroding inches from the site.  Remedial measures must be taken to preserve it before the winter rains commence, and YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!  
The Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse, a replica of the 1871 Trinidad Head Lighthouse, was built by the Trinidad Civic Club and dedicated on June 26, 1949.  The lighthouse contains a 1912 coal oil Fresnel lantern, the last one of its kind decommissioned from use by the United States Coast Guard on the Pacific Coast.   It was previously installed in the Trinidad Head Lighthouse.  The site at Edwards and Trinity Streets also holds the 1898 4,000-pound bronze bell moved from the fog bell house on Trinidad Head, as well as a memorial wall engraved with the names of 238 individuals lost or buried at sea.  It is a sacred place to remember loved ones.  For 22 years, an annual memorial ceremony has been held the last Sunday of May commemorating and honoring those named.

The Trinidad Civic Club, founded in 1913, is the owner and steward of the memorial site.  This non-profit organization consists of approximately thirty members dedicated to volunteerism and community service.  

As Club resources will not fully cover the expenses of saving the Memorial Lighthouse, a Preservation Committee has been formed to oversee this project.  $100,000 is the current rough estimate for immediate costs.  As more information is revealed details will be posted on the Civic Club Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/trinidadcivicclub.org/, and shared with other media sources.  

Contributions to the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse Preservation Fund can be made through www.trinidadcivicclub.org
or mailed directly to: 

Trinidad Civic Club
P. O. Box 295
Trinidad, CA 95570  

For more information, please contact the Civic Club at memoriallighthouse@gmail.com.

Thank You for Your Interest and Support!