Trinidad to Clam Beach Run

  The Trinidad to Clam Beach Run

Honoring Ford Hess

February 1st, 2020


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Race Historical Information

The Trinidad to Clam Beach Run was founded in 1965 by HSU’s Ford Hess. The original intention for the race was to decrease the running time of the mile below 5 minutes so a winter course was designed for high school students. The Hess family along with the help of his students designed the track, made their own race bibs from old shower curtains and window shades, registered participants, publicized and engineered the event around the low tide on a Saturday afternoon in late January or early February. Hess was a cross country All American whose passion for running inspired his students, family and friends. He has left a legacy that keeps thousands of enthusiasts coming back to Trinidad each year to run the spectacular race. The Greater Trinidad Chamber of Commerce has continued to put on the race and is celebrating 50 years of family fun and fitness all inspired by Ford Hess. His memory lives on in the stride of every runner along the path of Trinidad to Clam Beach, and in the name of the race itself, which was changed early this century to the Trinidad to Clam Beach Run Honoring Ford Hess.