Brett Shuler Fine Catering

Brett Shuler started cooking in Humboldt County in 1983. For 16 years he studied the art of French, Italian, Spanish, Mediterranean and Asian cuisines in restaurants in Humboldt and San Francisco. Brett developed a global style of cooking, while emphasizing the use of fresh, seasonal, locally grown food, untainted by use of hormones, chemical agents, or genetic modification.

In 1999, he entered the San Franciso Bay Area catering scene. His ten years of experience as on-site chef for several high end catering firms gave him the extensive knowledge and ability to manage any type of event, from an elegant menu for four to a large celebration for hundreds of guests.

Unable to resist the beauty and lifestyle of Humboldt County, Brett relocated back to the area with his wife Debbie, and started catering local events for friends and non-profit organizations. Brett Shuler Fine Catering combines Brett’s love for cooking and creating a festive atmosphere with Humboldt’s fresh and unique natural bounty.

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