Houda Point / Camel Rock

North of Moonstone Beach is Houda Point with the distinctive Camel Rock just offshore, about 2.3 miles south of the village. A very popular surfing spot and eye-catching spot on the North Coast for those with the legs to reach it. There is parking for about a dozen vehicles off Scenic Drive. Beach access is via a long staircase from a nicely shaded bit of lawn near the parking lot. All beachgoers and surfers must take the steep staircase down to the bit of sand from which surfers launch their boards. There are beautiful vistas from the area on Houda Point. And those small black things on the water just to the south of Camel Rock are surfers waiting for that perfect swell rolling past the rock. After enjoying this beautiful and semi-secluded beach, visitors must not forget the hike up the stairs to get back to their cars.