College Cove

This beach is actually two small coves, north and south, divided by high tides. Several small streams and waterfalls come down the bluffs that back the beach to the east. College Cove is a secluded gem, off the beaten track just north of Trinidad, well sheltered with less wind and multiple opportunities for shade. As always beach goers should be aware of the tides and plan accordingly. 
Looking south from College Cove, you'll can see Pewetole Island just off of Trinidad State Beach. When the wind and waves sets are just right, there's an impressive blowhole on the island which can be seen from College Cove and the trail out to Elk Head. (You can also spot the action from the trail around Trinidad Head.) When beachgoers are fortunate enough to see the blowhole in action, it is an "oh, Wow" moment.